Conference Registration Fee

Status Early Bird Discount
(before 2019/4/30)
Ordinary Fee
(after 2019/4/30)
Registration: A. Regular Participant NTD$ 450 NTD$ 600
B. Student Participant NTD$ 300 NTD$ 450
Registration & Meals
(Include 24th lunch, 24th dinner, 25th lunch & dinner reception, 26th lunch)
C. Regular Participant NTD$ 1,500 NTD$ 2,000
D. Student Participant NTD$ 1,200 NTD$ 1,500

To avoid currency rate complications of on-site cash payment, we strongly suggest participants to online payment; the Conference accepts major credit cards.
There are no on-campus restaurants, DILA will provide lunch and dinner. Breakfasts will be included for participants who choose to stay on-campus dormitory.

The conference registration system :